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Signing a Contract



A mortgage refinance replaces an existing mortgage with a new term with a different interest rate. Common reasons for refinancing are to lower your monthly mortgage payment, shorten the length of the mortgage, take out money for home improvements or personal expenses, or even pay off existing higher interest debts. 

Contract Signature
Modern Kitchen

Lower interest rate

Sunroom with Blue Rug

Shorten length of the mortgage

Modern Living Room

Cash out refinance to make home improvements

Lakeside House

Get rid of mortgage insurance


You will need to submit your driver's license, last month of pay stubs, last two months of bank statements, last two years of W2 or 1099, mortgage statements, and homeowners insurance documents. There could be additional documentation depending on your scenario.

What do I provide for a mortgage refinance?

Title, escrow, and lender fees that are charged for each transaction.

What are closing costs?

Every situation is different and interest rates change daily but we’re currently seeing between 4% - 7%. Contact us to see what you qualify for!

What are the mortgage rates today?

Points are a way to buy your mortgage rate lower, which is helpful if you plan to keep the mortgage for a long time. There is a breakeven point that we can help you navigate.

What are points?

To get a general idea of what you will pay monthly for your mortgage refinance, check out our mortgage calculator.

If you're looking to save money by lowering your mortgage interest rate, take cash out, or get rid of your mortgage insurance, we can help with all of your refinance needs. With over 25 wholesale mortgage lenders at our fingertips, we take the complications out of the process for you.

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